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August 2023

K-200 High Altitude Flight

We conducted another K-200 launch on 31/8/2023, and extend our thanks to our partners at the NZSA and Nova Systems who helped us get our first flight away under our High Altitude Vehicle license.

With upgraded ground systems, the launch setup went smoothly and we were able to get the vehicle off the ground on the first launch attempt. While the engine performed nominally, due to a vehicle issue the K-200 only reached 5km altitude.

A big thank you for the support of Ngā Maunga Whakahii o Kaipara and the NZDF who were instrumental in not only facilitating the launch, but also in the successful recovery of the vehicle.

May 2023

K-200 Flight Two

We conducted the second flight of our K-200 launch vehicle on 12/5/2023. Objectives were to push the vehicle higher and faster before a high altitude flight was attempted. Overall the flight was a success. Had a smooth 10 second engine burn and good maritime recovery, with a re-used airframe, engine, avionics stack and recovery system from the previous flight. 

February 2023

K-200 Low Altitude Test Flight

We conducted the first flight of our K-200 launch vehicle on 22/2/2023. This flight had a significantly reduced propellent load, so the engine only ran for four seconds. The flight was a complete success, and the vehicle was  recovered in good condition.

April 2022

Micro Rocket Flight

The Micro Rocket was put together to test out the Argo Navis propulsion system in flight. While the vehicle was small it was a fully functional liquid propellent rocket running on propane and liquid oxygen. The flight was a success, and the vehicle was recovered.

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